The mission of our New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force is to create supportive environments in which breastfeeding is the cultural norm. Our vision is a world without barriers to breastfeeding, so we are committed to attaining equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout NMBTF by implementing policies and practices that honor, advocate, and strengthen diversity through training, peer-education, relationship building, open dialogue, and evaluation.

Accordingly, we re-emphasize the need to bridge the gap in breastfeeding disparities by ensuring all families have the support they need to reach their breastfeeding goals. This is as true now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it has always been.

We have maintained an up-to-date evidence-based resource page on our website providing best practices and supportive policies in response to COVID-19. WHO, AAFP, and ABM recommend continuing standard practices of skin-to-skin and direct breastfeeding within the first hour, utilizing appropriate mask and hand hygiene unless mother or infant are too unwell or unstable. For further information, please refer to The Hastings Center article regarding keeping COVID-positive or suspected mothers together with babies and World Health Organization’s FAQ regarding breastfeeding and COVID-19. While we also acknowledge the positions of the CDC and AAP, we endorse all mothers’ and parents’ right to informed consent and shared decision making, and support the World Health Organization statement for reasons outlined in the Hastings article. We will continue to provide evidence-based resources for our community and to update guidelines and recommendations.

As always, NMBTF stands by our mission and with our community partners. Together, we are working diligently to help every family in New Mexico attain their breastfeeding goals, in supportive environments where breastfeeding is the cultural norm.


Jennifer Mastripolito, Executive Director 


Monica Esparza, Deputy Director

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