Breastfeeding Laws

  • BREASTFEEDING IN PUBLIC PLACES — NMSA 1978, Section 28-20-1 (1999) makes it legal for a mother to breastfeed her child in any location, public or private, where the mother is otherwise authorized to be present.
  • USE OF A BREAST PUMP IN THE WORKPLACE — NMSA 1978, Section 28-20-2 (amended 2007) requires employers to provide flexible break time, and a clean, private space, not a bathroom, in order to foster the ability of a nursing mother who is an employee to use a breast pump in the workplace.

Past Breastfeeding Bills

HB 156: Health Coverage for Milk Donations (NM Legislature, Regular Session, 2017)

Relating to health coverage; enacting sections of the health care purchasing act, the public assistance act, the New Mexico insurance code, the health maintenance organization law and the nonprofit health care plan law to require coverage for donor human milk for at-risk infants in hospital settings.

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Status: Passed two House committees, but was not heard on the House floor


HB 277/SB 293: Lactation Policies for Female Inmates (NM Legislature, Regular Session, 2017)

Relating to incarcerated women; requiring correctional facilities to develop and implement policies for lactating inmates.

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Status: Pocket Veto; NM Association of Counties has agreed to include a lactation policy requirement into the accreditation standards for each county correctional facility.


SB 277: Release of Incarcerated Pregnant Women (NM Legislature, Regular Session, 2017)

Relating to incarcerated women; providing for the release of women who are expecting a child or lactating.

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Status: Pocket Veto


Health Care for Immigrants in New Mexico

Resource List for Immigrants & Healthcare (english)

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