Over the past three decades, the Task Force has grown from an all-volunteer effort to one of New Mexico's leading nonprofits, with a governing board that advocates for policy change to support a community where breastfeeding is the social norm. As we strive to promote breastfeeding, bridge the gap in breastfeeding disparities, and support mothers, families, and communities, we still rely on the support of community members like you.

We have identified a variety of volunteer opportunities based on the priorities listed in our strategic plan and have many opportunities for you to choose from based on your interests.

Interested? Need more information? Email contact@breastfeedingnm.org.

Volunteer Opportunities


  • Paid family leave with adequate time and family friendly work environments with daycare on site that support infants and toddlers being fed

Bridge Gaps in Disparities

  • Explore partnership with Juarez, MX milk bank
  • Interpretation services / bilingual materials
  • Support efforts on breastfeeding behind bars
  • Support rehab organizations for recovering moms

Community Engagement 

  • Public education around breastfeeding
  • Participation in community health fairs
  • Engage families and fathers
  • Work with artists to create imaging authentic and specific to regions/cultures

Create Supportive  Environments

  • Speak to more providers about NMBTF
  • Support for moms experiencing difficulties
  • Mentor program for moms without access to BPCs through WIC
  • Lactation provider Licensure

Professional Development and Education 

  • Provider education
  • Coordination, hosting or participating binational conferences
  • Day-of volunteers at annual conference and other educational events