Las Cruces

Las Cruces meetings are hybrid on the 2nd Friday every other month from 12pm to 1:30pm. Please contact for details.


Co-Chairs:  Melissa Marie Lopez & Danica Terrones
Treasurer/Secretary: Michelle Hackney










Melissa Marie Lopez

Melissa Marie Lopez was born and raised in the Mesilla Valley (San Ysidro/Las
Cruces, NM) to self-employed parents, living next to her grandparents on
Lopez Chile Farm. After pursing formal education and career in government,
Melissa found herself in a position of burn out, poor health, and a longing to
pursue something different. Initially the founder of Reclaim Wellness from
2016-2020, Melissa sought to bring wellness to the community from Soil to
Soul. During this time, she was sought after for her work in Transpersonal
Hypnotherapy (specializing in trauma and emotional release), Reiki, and as a
Full Spectrum Doula. Pivoting during the pandemic, Melissa was selected as
the Executive Director of the New Mexico Doula Association and began
working in state-level advocacy. Recently, Melissa returned to the family farm
with the intention of creating a safe place for full spectrum reproductive
healthcare for all people and a gathering place for community.


Michelle Hackney



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